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Horizonscan are pioneers in Business Continuity and Fire Safety Management in Tall buildings, providing a globally successful consultation service that includes running crisis scenario simulations with companies in many sectors.

Horizonscan also provide consultancy on planning and / or improving companies' Business Continuity Plans (BCP) to help business continue to operate even in the event of a disaster.

Horizonscan's services operate on a global basis, having provided consultancies in the United States of America, Germany and Ireland, as well as locations right across the United Kingdom.

Business Continuity Services


Horizonscan has developed a range of services that facilitate improvement and sustainability in the three key stages of loss prevention:

Targeted Package from BCP Testing Test+ Package from BCP Testing Maintenance Package from BCP Testing

Horizonscan have run Crisis Simulation and Business Continuity Planning consultancies for various companies around the world. Our consultancies and seminars cover many areas of running a business with regard to managing said business in the event of a crisis or disaster. Such areas include: Business Impact Analysis, a Criticality Workshop, IT Resilience Audits, Business Resilience Audits, Crisis Press and Social Media Readiness Audits and Supply Chain Resilience Audits.

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If you would like to find out more about any of our services, please get in touch.

Training Courses


We run a wide range of training courses and seminars. To register, please complete our form and we'll send you a confirmation with additional seminar background material.

The Team


Based in the UK near London, Horizonscan also has associate offices in the US and Ireland.

Horizonscan team members are experts in their fields, and combined, represent a significant resource for clients.

Tall Building Fire Safety

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Russ Timpson (CEO) and the Horizonscan team run expert courses in Fire Safety in Tall Buildings.



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For additional information on the areas we cover and the range of services we provide please contact us or call us on 01304 806873.

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